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For noen dager siden fikk jeg tilsendt sammendrag av en forskningsrapporter vedrørende homeopati og placebo. Undersøkelsene er utført av Heribert Möllinger (allmennpraktisende lege, homeopat og forfatter fra Sveits), Rainer Schneider ( Department of Human Sciences, University of Osnabrück, Tyskland) og Harald Walach (professor i psykologi ved University of Northhampton). Rapporten er helt klar: homeopatiske medisiner produserer andre symptomer enn placebo. Her sammendraget og link til undersøkelsen.

Möllinger H, Schneider R, Walach H:
Homeopathic Pathogenetic Trials Produce Specific Symptoms Different from Placebo.
Forsch Komplementmed 2009;16:105-110 (DOI: 10.1159/000209386)

Introduction: Homeopathy uses information gathered from healthy volunteers taking homeopathic substances (pathogenetic trials) for clinical treatment. It is controversial whether such studies produce symptoms different from those produced by placebo.

Objective: To test whether homeopathic preparations produce different symptoms than placebo in healthy volunteers.

Methods: Three armed, double-blind, placebo controlled randomised experimental pathogenetic study in 25 healthy volunteers who took either one of two homeopathic remedies, Natrum muriaticum and Arsenicum album in 30CH or identical placebo. Main outcome parameter was the number of remedy-specific symptoms per group.

Results: On average, 6 symptoms typical for Arsenicum album were experienced by participants taking arsenicum album, 5 symptoms typical for Natrum muriaticum by those taking natrum muriaticum, and 11 non-specific symptoms by those in the placebo group. Differences were significant overall (Kruskall Wallis test, p = 0.0002,) and significantly different from placebo (Mann-Whitney test, p = 0.001).

Conclusion: Homeopathic remedies produce different symptoms than placebo.

Homeopathic Pathogenetic Trials Produce Specific Symptoms Different from Placebo
Heribert Möllinger, Rainer Schneider, Harald Walach
Forsch Komplementmed 2009;16:105-110

Statistically significant differences between the effects of homeopathic medicines and placebo were found in this study. Double-blind, randomised trial (RCT) methodology was applied to a homeopathic pathogenetic trial (commonly referred to as a proving), which showed that “homeopathic remedies produce different symptoms than placebo”.

In this three-armed study, twenty-five healthy volunteers (medical doctors in homeopathic training) were randomly assigned placebo or one of two homeopathic medicines randomly chosen from a pre-determined list of 20 well documented remedies. Ten participants received Natrum Muriaticum, eight Arsenicum Album, with seven participants on placebo. Using a protocol established by the German Association of Homeopathic Physicians (DZVhÄ, 2002), volunteers kept qualitative records of symptoms experienced over four days. 

Symptoms were assessed by an independent expert in homeopathic materia medica. The expert was given only the collated list of all the symptoms recorded, which did not enable him to attribute symptoms to groups or individuals. Use of a standard homeopathic repertory software programme facilitated identification of symptoms characteristic of each remedy.

In the verum groups, symptoms characteristic for the respective remedy were frequent. The placebo group produced approximately double the symptoms but these were unspecific. Neither verum group recorded symptoms characteristic of the other remedy in the trial.

Statistical differences between groups were found to be highly significant (p=0.0002); other measures also showed significant confidence intervals. An omnibus statistical test showed that the likelihood of the study results being obtained by chance is 2:10 000. The authors conclude that the data suggest homeopathic remedies have specific effects beyond placebo and call for further investigations.

Synopsis by: Suse Moebius BSc RSHom

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